Thursday, June 18, 2009

The £1 sale at The Hoxton Hotel: 2nd July, 2009

It's time again for the famous £1 sale at The Hoxton Hotel: Thursday 2nd July @ 12:00pm (midday) 500 rooms at £1 & 500 rooms at £29 Available 1st Aug - 31st Oct 2009 Hoxton Hotel 81 Great Eastern Street London EC2A 3HU This sale is very popular! Good Luck! Please note: I have no connection with The Hoxton Hotel - I just like to pass along information about a great deal when I can!


  1. Testing testing....
    I've left loads of funny comments but they just don't work. It definitely hic-cupped last time though so I wonder if I am getting closer. THis is from my work ps. Shhhh. ;o) If it works I can scoot on during lunch. Right. Here goes!