Monday, May 18, 2009

The Great British Summer Haiku Competition - on Twitter!

This is a cool way to use Twitter: Yoko Ono to judge tweet poetry Twitter users are being given the chance to have short, summer poems broadcast on display boards at London's King's Cross station - and judged by the likes of Yoko Ono. Budding Wordsworths can text in their three-line, 17 syllable ditties - known as haikus - from today and one will be shown every 20 minutes to the station's 110,000 daily passengers. (link via The Great British Summer Haiku Competition! To enter, just “tweet” your Haiku using your existing Twitter account with the phrase @kingsplace at the begining and it will be picked up by the Kings Place Twitter account. The competition will run between Monday 18 May and Friday 22 May, with the entered Haikus being submitted to Yoko Ono and leading UK poet Jackie Kay MBE for judging.


  1. I don't tweet, or write haiku, but anything like this that promotes poetry has to be applauded! xx

  2. It does indeed, Flighty. It's a fun way to encourage people to be more creative and it promotes reading poetry as well as writing it.

  3. If you haven't written haiku before there's a simple much praised overview of haiku at:
    What is haikuAlthough they mention on one site it doesn't have to be seventeen syllables, if you prefer to do that, then the above site will still help.

    Most haiku writers (Japanese and Western) write non-17 syllable/"on" haiku. ;-)

    Good luck!!!

    all my best,


  4. Thanks Alan! That's very useful. And I like your site. I'm bookmarking it for future reference.