Saturday, May 23, 2009

Britain's Got Talent 7 - final auditions & The Final 40

Britain's Got Talent In tonight's show, all the successful acts are being called back for a second audition. And from these acts, 40 will be picked by the judges to compete in the semi-finals, which starts tomorrow. There will be five semi-finals with eight acts performing in each show and two acts from each semi-final will be voted to go through to the live grand final on Saturday May 30th. First, though there are the final auditions: David Watson singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" was awful so why did it take ages for Amanda to buzz him off? In fact, Piers pushed her hand on the buzzer. The three farmers with their wheelbarrows got three yes votes which is quite something since Simon and Piers initially buzzed no and then changed their minds. Julia the bellydancer was popular - especially with the men - and got a yes from all three judges. The brother & sister dancers were impressive and got three yes votes. The man picking various things up with a hook through his earlobes or his nose was disgusting but Piers loved it. Simon thought it wouldn't appeal to the Queen (and I agree) and Amanda found it "quite entertaining". Piers and Amanda said yes but Simon said he never wanted to see him again. The lady singing like Maria Callas got three no votes. Kieran the 12-year-old drummer was amazing! The audience were on their feet. Simon said his act was "totally and utterly brilliant" and he got three yes votes. I liked the lady with Tippytoes the dog. They were entertaining. And got three yes votes. Fred Bowers, age 73, impressed everyone with breakdancing. He got three yes votes. Martin, the guitar player and singer was well-liked by Amanda and Piers and the audience and got two yes votes. Simon thought his act was terrible - amd then Martin's mother-in-law marched out to tell Simon off about knocking Martin's confidence. That was quite funny. The auditons are finished now. After the adverts, the judges will reveal the final 40 who will compete in the semi-finals, starting tomorrow. Well, they are padding this show out aren't they? They showed the judges discussing the verious acts and showed clips from the previous episodes and then it went to another load of adverts. So, now they are going to finally announce their decision. They brought people out in groups and told them as a group whether they were going through to the semi-finals or not. Some of the acts they said no to were a complete surprise but most of the people going through were predictable - like Susan Boyle and Jamie Pugh. And here's the list of The Final 40 (in alphabetical order). Tomorrow night Britain's Got Talent goes live and the public gets to vote. It should be very interesting! Related posts from my blog: Britain's Got Talent 2009: Singing sensation Susan Boyle Britain's Got Talent 2009: Hollie Steel - little girl with a big voice Britain's Got Talent: Episode 4: Jamie Pugh sings "Bring Him Home" - another star in the making Britain's Got Talent: Episode 5 - Shaun Smith impresses judges Britain's Got Talent: Episode 6 : 11-yr-old Aiden Davis steals the show Britain's Got Talent:The first of the live semi-finals - Susan Boyle is singing tonight (Sunday, May 24, 2009)

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