Monday, May 25, 2009

Britain's Got Talent 2009: second semi-final/Shaun Smith and Flawless will be in final

Britain's Got Talent It's time for the second live semi-final as another eight acts perform tonight. DJ Talent is first. How did he get through to the semi-finals? And he didn't get buzzed off tonight either! I'm sure the girls pole-dancing during his act didn't hurt. Piers and Amanda loved him but Simon said he's "a musical nightmare". And I agree with Simon! Merlin Cadogan, the escape artist is next. Okay, he's a talented escapologist and he did an impressive act but still I don't think he is in the same leaugue as the other talent. The Hot Honeyz, an all-female dance group, made up of nine girls aged 18 to 25, are on now. Piers and Simon buzzed before they finished. I agree with Simon, that their act "was just okay" but Amanda thought they were great. Next, the singing pizza delivery man, Jamie Pugh. Oh dear, he doesn't sound as good as he did on his first audition. Amanda even buzzed him before he finished. He just didn't sound that good tonight. What a shame. Peter Coghlan also known as "Mama Trish" doing the drag act just looks disgusting to me. Simon and Amanda buzzed his act but Piers let him finish. Gareth Oliver the ventriloquist is on now. He's good. Simon buzzed him before he finished. He said he's "seen thousands and thousands of people do this kind of act better." Amanda and Piers liked him though. Shaun Smith is next. I remember how impressive he was in his audition. He started out very softly and then he let loose with his voice. Wow - what a voice. He's a potential star in the making. He's fantastic! Simon said, "For the first time tonight, I actually believed I was judging a talent show! Flawless, the dance troupe are on now. Incredible dancers! Very impressive act. Simon said, "They are one of his favourite acts in the show." Flawless really are flawless. I think the two acts to go through tonight should be Flawless and Shaun Smith. The public get to vote for their favourite act now and we find out the result after the adverts. The judges get to choose the second place winner from the next two most popular acts. The public chose Flawless so now the question is which acts are in second and third place. The judges have to choose between Shaun Smith and Gareth Oliver. Simon chose Shaun, and Piers chose Gareth so Amanda has to choose now. Amanda chose Shaun (phew!) so Shaun Smith and Flawless are the two acts from tonight's show who are going through to the final. I'm pleased.

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