Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today is the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster

The city of Liverpool, England is marking the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough stadium disaster when 96 Liverpool fans were crushed to death. I remember watching the news and being horrified by the pictures and the witness reports about the disaster. It was a tragedy that never should have happened. I still feel distressed when I think about it so I can't begin to imagine what the families of the dead and the people who survived feel like. My heart goes out to them on this very sad day when the memorial service takes place to commemorate those who lost their lives 20 years ago today. Liverpool to fall silent on 20th anniversary of Hillsborough disaster Liverpool will mark the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster today by falling silent for two minutes in memory of the 96 football fans who died. The bells of the city’s two cathedrals and its civic buildings will ring out in memory of the tragedy at FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. The bells will cease and public transport will come to a stop for two minutes at 3.06pm – the moment the match was abandoned, as authorities realised the scale of the horror that had unfolded when police wrongly allowed hundreds of fans to cram down a tunnel into an already overcrowded viewing pen. (link via The Guardian News Blog is providing live coverage of the Hillsborough memorial service.


  1. Although I don't follow football I particularly remember it as someone I worked with had gone to the match. It was a great relief when he arrived for work on the Monday morning. Thankfully he'd been elsewhere in the ground.
    As you say it was a tragedy that should never had happened. xx

  2. The tragedy must be even more memorable for you then Flighty since you knew someone who actually went to the match. I only recall watching the news at the time and being horrified by it all.