Monday, April 27, 2009

New York Times recommends rough London neighbourhood for American tourists

I thought this story* in The Telegraph today about an article - In London, New Cross and Deptford Attract the Hip - in The New York Times last month that recommended a rough London neighbourhood to American tourists, was rather funny - let's hope the tourists don't get mugged! *Deptford residents baffled by New York Times travel recommendation American tourists have been advised to visit one of the roughest and most deprived areas of London – to the bemusement of local residents. (link via Deptford - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


  1. I lived in Deptford for many years and found it friendly and lively. The people were down to earth with no side and willing to extend a helping hand. The market was colourful and the pie and mash shop was and still serves great pie and mash. Deptford is full of history and the rum warehouses, now converted to homes are some of the most expensive in the capital.

    Like all boroughs, there are good parts and bad parts. Ask the people who live in Surrey Docks, with their marinas side by side and their expensive boats docked alongside.

    Oh and its five minutes away from Greenwich Park, the maritime museum et al.

    mrs UK

  2. Thanks for the information, Mrs UK. Deptford sounds a lot nicer than the way it's described in the article - "one of the roughest and most deprived areas of London" - in The Telegraph. I'm glad you have posted a very different view about Deptford. Indeed, you've made it sound like a very nice part of London and worth a visit.

  3. Perhaps just getting them ready for the 2012 Olympics?