Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy St George's Day! (England's national day)

To all my English readers on this special day in England:
Happy St George's Day!
St George's Day events via Enjoy England Join the campaign to gain proper recognition for the Patron Saint of England by writing to your MP about establishing St. George's day as a public holiday in England. (link via St George's Day - A Site for England) It's nice to see that Google's homepage is honouring both St George's Day and Shakespeare's Birthday with a special Google doodle portraying a dragon and a knight. Well done, Google! About St George's Day - from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Let's celebrate England's heritage and traditions!


  1. Happy St George's Day to you Maureen! I posted about the same thing myself earlier :-) I agree that we do need the extra public holiday but maybe we should hold it over to mid July and celebrate it then in the "scorching heat"!!

  2. Thanks, Brit Boy! After the beautiful weather this week, it's obvious that April can be just as warm as a typical July in England so I think today's date is fine - and it's also Shakespeare's birthday which is a perfect excuse for a double celebration!