Saturday, April 18, 2009

BBC Radio 4: "Americana" starting soon

This sounds like it could be interesting: BBC pens new letter from America BBC Radio 4 is to launch a new series about life in the US, five years after the end of Letter From America, which was hosted by the late Alastair Cooke. The new weekly show, Americana, will be presented by Matt Frei, the main presenter of BBC World News America. Alistair Cooke delivered his Letter From America for 58 years Americana is due to be transmitted on Sunday evenings from late Spring. BBC Radio 4


  1. That sounds interesting! I'll keep an eye out in the Radio Times for when it starts.
    I often listened to Letter From America. xx

  2. It does sound interesting doesn't it? I bet it will be a very popular series, perhaps even as popular as Letter From America.