Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mid-Suffolk best place to live in UK

The Halifax Quality of Life Survey has announced that Mid-Suffolk is the best place to live in the UK: For everything from sunshine to traffic levels, Mid Suffolk is top of the British table for quality of country life (link via Mid Suffolk sounds very nice but if I could choose anywhere to live in the UK, I would probably pick somewhere in Devon or Cornwall. I adore all the towns and villages in that part of England and I could see myself living in that area quite happily. If you could choose anywhere to live in the UK, where would it be? Or are you happy with where you live now?


  1. I've been just about everywhere in the UK and there are plenty of nice places to live. Like you I'd probably choose Cornwall, probably on the coast, but away from the popular tourist destinations!
    Mind you gardening there is rather more challenging! xx

  2. I've seen a lot of the UK too and I agree - there are plenty of nice places to live but I think the southwest is the area that appeals to me the most.

    Hmm. I thought it was much warmer and sunnier in the southwest so I'm puzzled by your gardening comment. Is it because of the strong wind off the sea?

  3. Sorry I should have said can be more challenging!
    On the coast strong winds and salt air can be problem but where it's sheltered it's okay, and plenty of really exotic plants can be grown. xx

  4. Thanks for explaining, Flighty. I wondered what you meant. As you say, some exotic plants can be grown down there. They even have palm trees and other tropical plants growing in the southwest!

  5. Loving your blog! :-) The warmest part of the UK is the South East (in the summer), more sheltered than the South West, which is very exposed and can get quite cold. The winters are colder in the South East though, but you get less rain. :-) I love Sussex, don't get me wrong I like the west country, but there's no work there and it's touristy etc.

  6. Thanks!

    I know you're right about there being no work and it's touristy in the west country but I still love that part of England. Mind you, visiting the area and living there are bound to be very different experiences I'm sure.

  7. My husband and I are just beginning to explore the possiblity of moving overseas. We live in Ohio.

    My husband will have to travel between sites in Whales, France and Germany. Easy access for travel is a concern.

    We plan to learn French and German regardless. But having our homebase in the UK seems like it would be the easiest transition.

    I would be interested in your opinion/suggestions in this regard.

  8. Hello, if you are thinking of moving to the UK, you will need to qualify for a visa. You can read more about it on this official British Government website:

    The UK Border Agency Visa Services Home Page

    If you do qualify for a visa to come and live in the UK, I suggest moving to southeastern England (instead of Wales) which would be better for easy access to travel to France and Germany.

  9. Hello,

    I live in a lovely place called Meols, its on the 'Wirral' peninsular. We have lovely towns here i.e. West Kirby, Thornton Hough, Heswall to name a few. We are 50 mins from both Liverpool & Manchester Airport, with excellent motorway links to all UK. Lake district & wales less than 1 hour away.

    We are 10 mins from either lovely coastal towns or beautiful countryside. look us up you may be surprised. Our winters are mild because we're on the coast.

  10. Hello, thanks for the info about Meols. It does indeed sound like a lovely place to live.