Wednesday, March 11, 2009

London pedestrians will have to walk faster

London pedestrians will have to walk faster under Boris Johnson plan Pedestrians will be encouraged to walk faster across junctions by new digital signs that count down the seconds until vehicles get a green light. The signs are part of a plan by Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, to give more green time to traffic by taking it away from pedestrians. He hopes that pedestrians will either speed up as they see the countdown approaching zero or, if they are slow walkers, wait at the kerb for the beginning of the next green man phase. (link via I think this plan is disgraceful. Why should pedestrians in London have to speed up just so the drivers won't be slowed down? I can understand the need to smooth the flow of traffic but not at the expense of pedestrians. The plan is very unfair - particularly for the elderly, the disabled, and parents with children in pushchairs - and liable to result in more accidents and quite possibly some fatalities. I hope the Department for Transport refuses permission to install these pedestrian countdown signs. What do you think? Is this a good idea? Should pedestrian crossing times be decreased? Do pedestrians have enough time to cross roads? Drivers - do you think pedestrians have enough time to cross the road?


  1. Like you I think that this is very unfair. As it is pedestrians are often barely given enough time now what with short signal times and some impatient drivers virtually ignoring the lights.
    It's a bad idea and a typical waste of money and time that could be far better spent elsewhere! xx

  2. I'm glad you agree that it's a bad idea. And as you quite rightly point out, as it is now there is barely enough time for pedestrians to get across roads.

  3. Did you expect Boris Johnson to be sensible?

    Brainy but no commonsense.

    Just wait till he gets older.

    mrs K

  4. Mrs K, I'm not sure what I expected from Boris Johnson. I do know he has a difficult job and can't please everyone but I'm very disappointed that he thinks the flow of traffic in London is more important than pedestrians.