Friday, February 13, 2009

Tories launch plan to use empty homes

I've always wondered why the government doesn't make use of all the empty homes in the UK as a logical solution to the housing shortage. Well, the good news is that the Tories (the Conservative Party) have proposed plans to use the empty homes: David Cameron reveals plan to bring empty homes back to use David Cameron today unveiled details of an empty property "rescue scheme" he claimed could bring some of the almost 1 million empty homes in the UK back to use. The Conservative leader said he would change the rules governing the way housing associations spent their money to make it easier for them to buy or rent properties that were lying empty. (link via Gordon Brown and the Labour Government should be embarrassed and ashamed about ignoring the potential of Britain's empty homes. It seems to me that not only is the Empty Property Rescue Scheme (EPR), the perfect solution to the housing shortage but it would also help prevent the increasing practice of squatters*. *when someone is occupying an empty or abandoned property which they don’t own or rent, and without the owner's permission. Related Internet Links: The Empty Homes Agency Report Empty Homes Unlocking the Potential of Empty Homes - Empty Homes Agency Blog


  1. This subject surfaces every few years but nothing ever happens, and I'd be surprised if it ever does! xx

  2. I'm trying to be hopeful that things will change. It doesn't make sense to see property standing empty while people are desperate for a place to live. There is a real social housing crisis in Britain with families on waiting lists for homes.