Friday, February 6, 2009

Movie about Morris dancing is cult hit

I love watching Morris dancers and I even included the tradition in my list of 10 things I love about living in England so I was pleasantly surprised to read this news: A film about Morris dancing, described as "The Full Monty with bells on", has become a cult hit after struggling to secure a release in cinemas. (link via The movie hasn't got a distribution deal yet but I think that might change soon because of the growing popularity of the website for the film: However, its website is attracting 100,000 visits every week and the producers are having to employ assistants to deal with a "deluge" of emails from Morris fans demanding to know where they can watch it. A petition drawn up demanding a mainstream release has attracted 3,000 signatures. Official website: Morris: A Life With Bells On If you are really keen to see the movie shown in cinemas - and doesn't it look like a charming movie? - you can sign a petition: We Want the Morris Movie More links about Morris Dancing: SideFinder : How to find morris dancers in your area The Morris Ring Morris dance from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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