Friday, January 16, 2009

Malvern, England: on AOL Travel holiday hotspots list 2009

To be fair, I've never been to the town of Malvern in Worcestershire, England but I find it hard to believe it has been included on the AOL Travel holiday hotspots list 2009! (link via Malvern, Worcestershire travel guide What do you think? Have you visited Malvern? Or are you from the town? Is it really that great that it should be so highly recommended?


  1. Hi Maureen,
    When I saw no-one had come to the
    defence of Malvern I felt I had to
    put that right.
    I am not from Malvern, but as a
    teenager, used to cycle out there
    for the day. It not so much the town that is the attraction, although it is attractive, but rather the surrounding countryside
    and especially the Malvern Hills.
    They can be seen for miles, and in fact I can see them now....I am
    looking at a painting on my wall,
    of the hills, which my mother
    painted many years ago.
    Malvern is famous for the waters
    from the springs in the hills.
    I'm sure Malvern Water can be
    bought all over the world.
    And lastly.....Malvern is the home
    of the Morgan car. Years ago I used to drive a Morgan 3 wheeler and our club used to meet there every year.
    Morgans, the last real British cars
    are still made there today.
    Hope you didn't mind me dropping
    in. Regards a Worcestershire Boy.

  2. Hello and thank you for all the information about Malvern! I hadn't even thought of Malvern Water (doh!) but I did wonder what Malvern had to offer that earned it a place on the AOL Travel holiday hotspots list 2009. I kind of thought it must be for the area around the town - especially the Malvern Hills, as you say.

    I didn't know about the Morgan car being from there. I've seen people drive 3-wheeler cars. I always wonder how they don't tip over - LOL (I'm teasing, so please don't take offence).

    I will have to go there someday. It does sound like it's worth a visit.

    Thanks once again for answering my query about Malvern. I appreciate it. And I learned a lot too!

  3. OK, we have the cars and the mineral water (some of us actually get it through our taps! The Queen pays £2 a bottle - we flush the loo with it!!)

    We are also the birthplace of Elgar. Plus home to an Aston Villa supporting fiddle player!

    But those are not the reasons to visit.

    If you come to Malvern, you step back in time. It is gentle, friendly and calm but with none of the tweeness of the nearby over rated Cotswolds. You can walk for miles in any direction in the hills and nobody will say 'get off my land'!!

    You can stop at a Pub, an English Teashop or a Vegetarian Restaurant while on the hills, or come back into the town and visit a chain coffee-shop or one of the lovely independent little cafes.

    There is a group of wonderful antique shops, craft shops and the best charity shops for miles! There's the theatre (Van Morisson's favourite venue). We have a cinema, too. Top class evening restaurants. No nightclub. Brilliant fish & chip shops. The Three Counties Showground. A swimming pool with a wave thingy. The Winter Gardens with a proper Victorian bandstand. Amazing Victorian Architecture. A couple of Red Kites flying overhead - they're the really big red ones! Lots of walk-around gardens.

    Stop! I'm boring myself.

    It's perfect. Come & boost our economy this summer! AOL are absolutely right!

    ps I promise I don't own any small business in the town!

  4. Hello JoR! Thanks for all the info about Malvern. I'm very impressed. It sounds lovely. I think I'm convinced as to why Malvern was chosen by AOL as a travel holiday hotspot.

    Are you aure you don't own any business in the town (or work for their tourist department?) LOL

  5. Haven't been to malveen but UK for sure is one of most attractive and hospitable tourist place with such diverse and multicultural population which is difficult to find anywhere else. But anyways glad that a UK place got in the list.