Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jonathan Ross returns with jokey apology

I watched Jonathan Ross last night on the return of his chat show, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross on BBC One and waited to hear his apology for his part in the digusting Sachsgate scandal. He started out by saying "So, where were we?" followed by a guffaw on his part and loud laughter from the audience. And then after making his so-called apology, he couldn't resist adding a vulgar comment afterwards by saying,"...speaking of enormous cock-ups..." and pausing while the audience laughed. Ha ha, very funny. Not. Then he said, "It's going to be a gradual change, obviously. Please welcome my band, Four Puffs and a Piano." I don't think his apology wss sincere and in my opinion, he didn't seem at all remorseful about his subsequent 12-week suspension. The first guest was stand-up comedian, Lee Evans. Next was Stephen Fry, who I adore. I was fascinated by the facts that Stephen relayed about the wildlife in New Zealand, especially the birds there. Stephen just recently returned from New Zealand where he was filming part of a BBC documentary series looking at the progress of some of the world's most endangered species. Tom Cruise was a guest on the show too (his first time on the show) and besides talking about his new movie Valkyrie, Jonathan Ross got into a conversation with Tom about breaking wind. This is typical of Mr. Ross and his kind of humour. When will the man grow up? The show finished with a performance by Franz Ferdinand, the Scottish rock band. In my opinion, Jonathan Ross hasn't learned his lesson during his suspension. In fact, I don't think he's changed at all. His light-hearted and jokey apology proved that. If you watched the show last night, what did you think of his apology? Did you think it was sincere enough (I didn't) and did you think he has learned his lesson about his vulgar behavior (again, I don't). related post from my blog: The big story in Britain: BBC and the "Sachsgate" scandal


  1. Get over it! Really, if you feel this strongly about the man you shouldn't watch him should you?

    The show is 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross' not just any generic presenter. He is the show's personality. There are many other shows and channels, I suggest you stop moaning about this one and watch something else.

  2. I watched the show for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to see if Ross had changed his behavior after his three month suspension (actually, he should have been fired because his behavior was a breach of the broadcasting guidelines) and secondly, I'm a fan of Stephen Fry and knew he was scheduled to be a guest on the show.

    The BBC get my money every year and even if I never watch "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross", I still have to pay for it! I think Ross' behavior is unacceptable and as a tv licence payer, I have a right to express my view.

    His Friday evening talk show could be just as entertaining without his repulsive comments and indeed, without him. There are plenty of people who could host the talk show and they wouldn't have to be paid the obscene salary that Ross is getting paid - £6 million-a-year!