Sunday, January 25, 2009

Generous Icelanders donate blankets & warm clothes to UK pensioners

This is a heart-warming story from The Sunday Times today: Iceland finds somewhere that’s worse off – Britain As the people of Iceland struggle to cope with the collapse of their economy, they are still thinking of those who are suffering more – we British, for example. A shipload of blankets and warm clothes will arrive in Grimsby tomorrow, donated by listeners to a popular morning radio show in Reykjavik after a report on the terrible conditions in England. “When we broadcast the story that UK pensioners were dying from the cold, our listeners could not believe their own ears,” says Heimir Karlsson of Bylgjan radio, which organised the appeal. “Families, some from far away, came one after another with garments. One nine-year-old girl gathered 37 beautiful sweaters and delivered it to us at the radio station.” The blankets will be distributed in Britain by the National Pensioners Convention. It is sadly true that a lot of the elderly are suffering badly in Britain and Fuel poverty is putting older people at risk when temperatures plunge. (link via Sky News). The UK Government should be ashamed. I am so impressed by the generous and kind-hearted Icelanders who have their own financial woes in their country and yet they are reaching out to help the elderly in Britain. Thank you to everyone in Iceland!


  1. It's the sort of story that we should never have to read!
    Many pensioners really do get a raw deal in this county for which, as you say, the government should be ashamed. xx

  2. I agree, Flighty. It's a nice story but we should never have to read one like it.

  3. thank goodness for the kindness of strangers.....