Friday, January 30, 2009

Birmingham drop apostrophes from road signs

The people who work for Birmingham City Council have found an unusual way to save time and make their job easier: Apostrophes abolished by council Apostrophes in street signs have been banned by a council because its staff spend too much time dealing with complaints about grammar. (link via Unbelievable! What sort of example does this set? I sure hope other councils don't decide to imitate Birmingham. Yes, learning how to use correct grammar and punctuation can be tedious but I think this decision is ridiculous! I think they just couldn't be bothered to do the signs right in the first place and this is their lazy solution - to not bother with apostrophes at all. What do you think about their decision? Related links: Birmingham City Council Apostrophe Protection Society The Dreaded Apostrophe


  1. What a total waste of time and money!
    I agree with you on this. xx

  2. Thanks, Flighty.

    I should think all the publicity in the news about their decision will shame them into going back to putting apostrophes in their signs. And then of course that will cost even more to make the corrections. They are definitely going to regret their ridiculous decision.