Monday, January 26, 2009

Adverts in cinema

Kylie Minogue's Agent Provocateur commercial voted best cinema ad ever The raunchy 2001 short called Proof, which features the singer riding the machine in Agent Provocateur underwear, was crowned the best cinema advertisement in a public vote. The controversial commercial, created specifically for cinema and banned from being shown on television, shows Kylie riding a red velvet rodeo bull to show that Agent Provocateur is "the most erotic lingerie in the world". At the end of the short film she challenges the men in the audience to "stand up and be counted". (link via Oh please. I've seen the advert in the cinema (you can watch it via the article I've linked to) but I wouldn't consider it the best cinema ad ever. Yes, it's raunchy (very) and I can see why most red-blooded men would enjoy watching the advert but I can't believe it's been voted the best cinema ad ever. There are other ads that are better because they are amusing or stylish but I actually despise all cinema adverts. Why should we have to sit through a stream of adverts after we have already paid (an exorbitant) amount (£7.50) to watch the movie? It would be like having to watch adverts on the BBC even though we have already paid the tv licence. What do you think of the Agent Provocateur advert? And what do you think about advertising in cinemas?


  1. Maureen it's a little cheaper for us to go to the movies. £4.50 at our local cinema but they always gibve the movie start time as the actual time the movie starts so I usually go to miss the adverts.
    I must admit I love the advert but mainly becausee Kylie is just so amazing, with her youthful looks and her enviable frame. I don't see it as an award winning advert though.
    My daughter and I went to see her in concert last August and it was the best concert to date I think.
    Hope you are keeping well.

  2. It's Kylie!! You have to realise the whole Brit' male population has been fantasising about her for the past 25 years. Sad I know!

  3. Hi Daffy! I think it's pricey here because we are so near London. Everything is so expensive in this part of England. I have considered doing what you do (which is an excellent idea) and only go when the movie starts (I could call the cinema and ask) but I'm too fussy about where I sit in the cinema. If I waited until the film started, I would have to take whatever seats were left instead of having a choice. After paying so much for my ticket, I want to be able to sit where I want and not get stuck down in front with a neck ache from looking up at the screen. LOL.

    I agree that Kylie looks amazing (turning green with envy, here) but I'm glad you don't see it as an award winning advert either.

    I bet the concert was fantastic! She's a very talented young woman (I still remember her as Charlene in "Neighbours")and I'm sure she puts on a great performance.

    Thanks, I hope you are keeping well, too!

  4. Hi Sarah! (sigh) You're right - "the whole Brit' male population has been fantasising about her for the past 25 years." and I bet they were the ones who voted and chose Kylie's ad as the best cinema advertisement!