Sunday, December 21, 2008

Strictly Come Dancing: Tom Chambers dances to victory

Well, that was certainly an exciting final show wasn't it? I bet Tom Chambers is pinching himself in disbelief! He only made it to the final because the producers decided to allow all three semi-finalists - Tom Chambers, Rachel Stevens and Lisa Snowdon - to proceed, after noticing a problem with the telephone voting system that would have made it impossible for the public to save him last week. After Lisa was eliminated from the competition, my husband predicted that Tom would win. His view was that a lot of the voting public watch soap operas like Holby City, the show that Tom Chambers stars in so all his fans would vote for Tom instead of Rachel. I think that might have been part of it. I admit that I was hoping that Rachel Stevens or Lisa Snowdon would win but after watching Tom and Camilla's brilliant show dance*, I was quite pleased to see Tom win. I love Strictly Come Dancing! I'm sad that the current series is finished now but I'm looking forward to watching the Strictly Come Dancing special on BBC1 at 7:00 PM on Christmas Day. Am I a SCD addict or what? What did you think of the final? Were you pleasantly surprised at the result or disappointed? *Tom Chambers and Camilla Dallerup's Showdance:


  1. I actually voted this time. Have not voted since Jill Halfpenny.

    Entertainment won out - and I just loved Tom from the beginning.

    Yes, Vincent and Rachel were techincally the best dancers. But for sheer entertainment, week in and week out. Tom was it - for me.

    mrs K

  2. Mrs K, Vincent and Rachel were technically the best dancers, as you say but I also agree that Tom was always very entertaining to watch. It was also obvious that Tom really enjoyed dancing and his joy added to his performance, especially his show dance which was the best of the final dances.

  3. I had been mainly supporting Austin and Erin, but after they left I was totally for Tom and Camilla (though I was a little bit swayed by Lisa's continuing improvements).

    Yes, that showdance was amazing! I also think Camilla has been an ideal partner for Tom, in that she's been willing to try out so many different things and accomodate his obvious desire to push the boundaries as far as he can. I do wonder how he would have fared with a different partner (Karen, perhaps!?).

    Rachel and Vincent were perhaps technically better, but they were too polished in my opinion--Tom was truly entertaining, which is what this show was all about.

    Finally, just to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very happy Christmas!

  4. I think you're right Daniel. I think Tom was lucky to be matched with Camilla because she choreographed the perfect dances to showcase his dancing.

    I think Rachel and Vincent were so beautiful together but perhaps as you say they were just too polished whereas Tom was more entertaining to watch.

    Thank you, Daniel and I hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas too!