Monday, December 15, 2008

Strictly Come Dancing: semi-final fiasco

Did you watch Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday night? I was looking forward to watching the three remaining couples dance but also a bit nervous about finding out which couple would be leaving. They all danced beautifully and then the moment of truth but instead ... the shock announcement from the presenter Tess Daly that ALL three celebrity contestants will be in next week’s final! Apparently, the BBC realized the scoring system wouldn't work because Tom Chambers received such low marks from the judges that he could not have been saved from the dance-off. When the problem was noticed, the producers of the show decided that all three contestants – actor Tom Chambers, model Lisa Snowdon and singer Rachel Stevens – should go through to the final next week. This latest controversy about a BBC programme has produced hundreds of complaints, especially when viewers were told they will not be refunded for their votes cast during the programme (all votes will be rolled over). Considering how popular the show Strictly Come Dancing is and the recent controversy involving John Sergeant plus a number of phone-in scandals with other BBC shows, it seems unbelievable that the BBC is still unable to avoid situations such as this. What a fiasco! What did you think of the dancing? My personal favourite is Rachel Stevens. What are your thoughts about the decision to allow all three contestants to go through to the final next week? Did you vote (I didn't) and if you did, are you annoyed that you won't get your money back? Do you still like the show or are you planning to stop watching it now? Personally, I think it's a shame this problem occurred but it won't put me off watching the show.


  1. Well, I am just going to be really smug and point out that if they hadn't bullied John Sargeant off the programme, they would have ended up with three couples in the final anyway - that was the original plan. Bet old John is chuckling to himself now! ;)

  2. I think you're right, Jenny. I think they are probably regretting the way they treated John Sergeant and the BBC is suffering from some very bad karma now as payback.

  3. Who bullied John Sargeant off - he went because he thought he could wim - oh yes!

    BBC are paying back the money people spent on calls, if they apply for it.

    Why is everybody, including the press, down on the BBC? It would not have something to do with the fact that the other stations would like to see its demise.

    People make mistakes, we all do, as long as it is explained and put right - what's the problem?

    Give me the BBC warts and all over any other station in the world. At least they try and tell the truth.

    mrs k

  4. Mrs K, I think the judges are very critical of all the celebrity contestants but I also think they were overly zealous with John Sergeant. Some of their remarks were particularly cruel and could be considered bullying behavior. That said, he did know what to expect when he agreed to take part.

    I did hear that the BBC have now said they will refund members of the public who took part in voting that night.

    I have several complaints about the BBC: the way it's funded (via the TV licence), the fact that it's institutionally biased, and the way the licence money is spent on inflated salaries for TV and radio presenters like Jonathan Ross.

    I think the BBC produce some very entertaining programmes (such as Strictly Come Dancing) and fantastic documentaties and radio programmes, however it should give higher priority to public-interest programming instead of trying to copy what the commercial stations are doing.

  5. I must say first of all, Jenny, I don't think John was bullied off. I think it was his choice. When you see the three beautiful dancers that have emerged from a fun competition I think it is fair to say that John probably would have left by the public vote either the Saturday of the week he walked, or the following week.

    Maureen, back to the lovely dancers, Rachel is a treat isn't she? I think her and Vincent are poetry in motion. My own favourite is Lisa and Brendan, I think she has such grace for a leggy lady, carries herself well and proves that you don't have to be a small petite package to bust some good moves! :o)
    I actually voted, 4 times this week for Lisa and Bren, I was hoping Tom and Camilla would be voted out simply because I was hoping for one of the girls, (still am) to win.
    I thnk the BBC were damned either way. Had they abolished the "phone in" they would have still recieved complaints. I'm happy for my 4 votes to roll over.
    A little controversy is sometimes good but lets hope this isn't one fiasco too many. (For the sake of a really good entertaining programme.)
    Every week when Bruce shouts, and doddery I am?..... I shout back, "NOT!!!!" :o) Love it!

  6. Daffy, I agree that the three remaining celebrities are all beautiful dancers. And like you, I am hoping one of the girls will win, although Tom is a very good dancer too. I think the girls dance better than him though. I adore watching Rachel and Vincent dance together! As you say, they are poetry in motion. I enjoy watching LIsa and Brendan too. Lisa is very graceful indeed and I agree that she proves that a tall lady can dance just as good as a tiny petite lady like Rachel.

    I definitely agree that the BBC were damned either way. They can't make everyone happy. Yes, a little controversy can be good. It promotes more publicity for instance but there is also the danger that this latest fiasco has done too much damage for the programme to survive much longer. I certainly hope this isn't one fiasco too many. It's one of the best family entertainment programmes on the BBC.

    Oh and I shout back "NOT" at Bruce too!