Monday, December 1, 2008

Jamie Magazine launched by celebrity chef

Jamie Oliver to launch own magazine (link via I'm a big fan of Jamie Oliver but I rarely buy any magazines now. They are just too expensive for what you get. I also used to subscribe to quite a few magazines but the only one I continue subscribing to is Mslexia magazine. I'll be very surprised if Jamie Oliver's magazine does well, considering the current financial crisis. I might buy the first issue out of curiosity though. Have you stopped buying and/or subscribing to magazines? If not, which magazines do you still buy or subscribe to?


  1. There's far too many of them, and they're mostly all pictures and adverts!
    I buy the Radio Times, and a friend passes on a few aviation magazines. xx

  2. I agree about all the adverts - sometimes it seems like that's all there is in the magazines! And they are very pricey for what you get.

  3. I get National Geographic because my parents bought me a life subscription many years ago - wonderful investment!

    I also get Wired, and DH gets Wooden Boat.

    All 3 get read from cover-to-cover.

    We used to get MacWorld, and I dropped the kids' version of National Gepgraphic because it has too much advertising and the version sold through schools is tons better.

  4. I grew up reading National Geographic because my dad subscribed to it. It is an excellent magazine. You are very lucky to get a life subscription - what a fantastic gift from your parents!

  5. Saga Magazine

    A life subscription bought at 60 - now 70 and it would still be worth buying even if I had to pay the full price.

    BBC Gardeners World. A Years subscription for a Christmas Present every year.

    Just those two - love them both.

    mrs K

  6. Mrs K, I have a weakness for all the gardening magazines but I haven't bought any for a long time. You are very lucky to have a gift subscription to BBC Gardeners' World!