Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Strictly Come Dancing and John Sergeant

New rules for Strictly Come Dancing New rules for Strictly Come Dancing will mean a contestant who finishes bottom of the judges’ leader board for three weeks in a row will be automatically ejected without participating in a dance-off. The "three strikes and you’re out" plan has emerged following John Sergeant’s success on the BBC show. The 64-year-old political journalist has been repeatedly been saved by the public vote despite being panned by the judges The new rules will be adopted for the next series in a bid to prevent a repeat performance. This is great news! It won't affect the current series though and at the time of this news, it looked like John Sergeant might be voted through all the way to the final dance-off but then the shock news came that John Sergeant has pulled out of BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing because winning would have been "a joke too far", he has said. Even though I think John Sergeant should have been voted off weeks ago, I think it's a shame that he is going to pull out. It's not his fault that he was voted through each week by the public, and I'm sure he felt uncomfortable about all the kerfuffle. At least the new rules will prevent this sort of thing happening in the next series. I love watching the dancing and even though John Sergeant was amusing to watch, in my opinion it's silly that the public kept voting to keep him in the competition. I can see why the rules are being changed. It's a fun tv show for entertainment but it's also supposed to be a dance competition. The public will still have their vote. It just means that if a celebrity gets the lowest points on the judges' leader board for three weeks in a row that he will be automatically ejected without participating in a dance-off. It seems fair, IMHO. It means the judges aren't being undermined. The celebrity still gets a fair chance in the competition. What are your thoughts about the new rules? Do you think it was right for John Sergeant to quit?


  1. I must say I am a Strictly fan. I keep telling anyone who will listen that I watch very little television but I somehow manage to catch Strictly, ANTM (I love that show even though I am almost 40 and sohould know better!) I'm a Celebrity etc...
    Ah well, there is no accounting for taste!
    As for John, well like you I think I am a bit sad he felt he had to walk away but it was taking the limelight away from the better dancers. To see Rachel, (You little firecrackarrr!!!) in the Dance off and John to go sailing though was a bit of shame. Then Lisa and Cherie...
    At least he had a good time, and had his profile lifted too. Let's be honest he is known to a far wider audience now. (I feel a book coming out!)I didn't agree with the personal comments.
    Who is your fave then? I'm smitten with Brendan so I guess I'm rooting for Lisa. :o)

  2. Hi daffy, It's great to hear from another Strictly fan! I'm a HUGE fan of Strictly Come Dancing - it's one of the few shows on TV that I look forward to watching. It always makes me smile - I love it!

    I agree with you that at least John has had his profile lifted by being on the show for so long. I bet he will conclude that all the publicity will have been worth the whole kerfuffle.

    My favourites? I think Lisa looks amazing in every dance she does (and I like Brendan too) so I hope she wins but then I'm impressed by Rachel and I think she and Vincent dance so well together... I can't make up my mind!