Friday, November 21, 2008

More4 News wants your ideas for a new law

This sounds like a great opportunity to take part in UK legislation via More4News: You the lawmaker If you could pass one law, what would it be? More4 News wants your ideas. We're inviting you to become you the lawmaker - to take part in creating new legislation. Next month MPs will hold a ballot for which of them gets to put forward a private member's bill (PMBs). Email your ideas to, I've never heard of private member's bills. I found a link from UK Parliament with more information about it: Private Members' Bills Private Members' Bills are Public Bills introduced by MPs and Lords who aren’t government ministers. As with other Public Bills their purpose is to change the law as it applies to the general population. A minority of Private Members' Bills become law but, by creating publicity around an issue, they may affect legislation indirectly.


  1. And Americans think they're the only democracy! :-)

  2. I have to say that not all Americans do but yes (unfortunately) a lot of Americans do have that blinkered view.

  3. :o) Happy Thanksgiving Maureen, for tomorrow. I'm sure you will still have your Turkey Day! :o)