Friday, October 24, 2008

Ron Howard, Andy Griffiths & Henry Winkler: endorse Obama

This endorsement for Barack Obama from actors, Ron Howard, Andy Griffifth and Henry Winkler is a lot of fun to watch particularly if you ever saw the old (classic) American tv show called, "The Andy Griffith Show" which starred Andy Griffith and a very young Ron Howard as a character called "Opie" (I'm a huge fan of the show and indeed I'm old enough to remember watching it when it was originally broadcast). Henry Winkler starred as "The Fonz" or simply known as "Fonzie" with Ron Howard in another classic American sitcom called Happy Days. Watch Opie, Andy, and Fonzie Endorse Barack Obama via this YouTube clip: And for those of you who have never seen "The Andy Griffith Show, here's a clip:

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