Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lovely weather in October in England

The weather in England has been absolutely gorgeous recently and it is has been a glorious weekend too with unseasonably warm weather - at least in our corner of England (the southeast). We've had lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. Lovely. I thought yesterday was incredible but today has been even better! I sat outside in the garden, reading The Sunday Times and basking in the sun. The high today was 70F - it felt like summer! We went for a walk in the afternoon as did loads of other people.

One of the things I miss* about living in the states is when the trees start changing colour in the fall. I was reminded of this when Little Britainer wrote about autumn in New York and the way autumn isn't really a season in the U.K. on her blog, Big Apple, Little Britainer.

Trees change colour in England too of course but it's never quite as stunning as it is in the USA. Well, this year may be different because the recent warm, sunny days and cool nights are ideal conditions to bring on the change in leaf colours now underway across the country. (link via

Have the trees started to change colour where you are? What was the weekend weather like where you live? *This may sound silly but I even miss hearing the season referred to as fall rather than autumn.


  1. I spent all afternoon on the allotment in shirtsleeves!
    We did have similar weather this time last year as well.
    The leaf colours are beginning to be noticeable.
    As for fall and autumn do you know why the different words for the same season? xx

  2. I thought you would be at your allotment, fighty! I bet you enjoyed your afternoon there. I don't remember last year being this nice in October but I'm sure you're right! My memory is terrible.

    I don't know why the words, fall and autumn are both used for the same season. The funny thing though is that we do use both in the USA (but mostly fall) whereas I don't ever hear the term fall used in England.

  3. Spring, Summer Fall and Winter. Base of words English.

    Autumn - Base Latin

    Don't ask me why its typical UK.

    I prefer Fall.

    And I am a Mongrel by extraction.

  4. I think the way Americans and the British use different terms such as fall vs autumn, is very interesting, whatever the reason.

    The funny thing is that even though I live in England and I have altered my American English to British English, there are some exceptions so for example, I prefer to say fall instead of autumn.