Thursday, October 9, 2008

Free knitting classes offered to stressed staff

People who enjoy knitting (as I do) know that it helps you to relax and de-stress but it's difficult to persuade non-knitters of this benefit. Perhaps this news will help to convince them: COUNCIL employees who had an average of almost ten days off sick last year are being offered free knitting classes to combat stress. It really does help! If you are feeling stressed (and that seems to be just about everyone these days) then I suggest you take up knitting. It's fun, and creative as well as relaxing and it's very popular. Knitting is the new cool hobby! Here are some useful knitting links: Learn how to knit with free knitting videos! The UK Hand Knitting Association Download handy step-by-step guide to knitting techniques (Knitting Institute) Free Patterns from Knitting Magazine Coats Crafts UK Knitting Projects - free patterns! About. com - Free Knitting Patterns

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