Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chocolate: one of the twenty 'lifespan essential' foodstuffs!

Coffee and chocolate are the key to long life Chocolate, coffee and tea are among the key foods and drinks needed to live a long and healthy life, according to a leading nutritional scientist. (link via Excellent news, this! I love tea and I love chocolate! The article includes a list of 20 "lifespan essential" foodstuffs: • apples • blackberries • black tea • blueberries • broccoli • cereal bran • cherries • cherry tomatoes • coffee • cranberries • dark chocolate • green tea • oranges • peaches • plums • raspberries • red grapes • red onions • spinach • strawberries


  1. So do I, and most of the other things on the list! xx

  2. Great - you should live a long and healthy life, flighty!