Monday, October 20, 2008

Blue Bananas - nature is full of surprises!

I love learning fun facts like this (I bet it will be on QI - one of my favourite TV shows): Ripe bananas are blue - and no-one ever noticed before! Excerpts from New Scientist article: Bananas so ripe they're bright blue The really fascinating bit is why this might occur: Why would a banana want to be blue? Kräutler can think of two reasons. One, these chemicals are anti-oxidant, hence they may well defend the fruit from decay. Bananas do last an amazing time for a tropical fruit, ________________ The possibility I find most attractive, though, is that a lot of the things that eat bananas see in the UV range - including fruit bats, which love bananas and like it are native to southeast Asia. This bright blue must shout out the presence of nicely ripened fruit across the dimly lit forests where both the bats and the bananas grow. And before it became a seedless, sexless shadow of its ancestors, bananas, like all such plants, wanted their fruit eaten.

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