Saturday, September 27, 2008

UK motorway madness: BBC1 "Motorway Cops"

Did you see Motorway Cops - A Traffic Cops Special - "Traffic Cops: Dicing with Death", on BBC1 on Thursday night? The Motorway Cops come face-to-face with their worst nightmare as they are called to detain two women who are caught walking on the M6 motorway. As the PCs arrive the women make a run for it, into the path of a 44 tonne lorry. The accident forces a total closure of the M6 leaving motorists stranded in a 15 mile traffic jam and the cops locked in a life or death battle to save the injured women.Further north on the M6, the Motorway Cops are also looking for walkers - illegal immigrants who have been dumped on motorway service areas by people traffickers. The PCs find them walking along the motorway hard shoulder, lost, penniless and confused. They're a danger to themselves and to motorists and, for the Motorway Cops, an unwelcome distraction which takes them from their main job of fighting crime. If you missed it, you can watch it again* via BBC iPlayer. It was shocking to watch - especially when the two women (sisters from Sweden. we found out) ran into the traffic and were hit - but it was also an enlightening programme, particularly to learn that police officers don't arrest illegal immigrants anymore because there are simply too many of them! So much for the Government's tough measures regarding illegal immigrants. *Downloadable BBC Content is available for download within the UK only.


  1. I didn't see it but read all about it! I used to know a motorway cop who had plenty of similar mind-numbing stories to tell.
    As for your last paragraph I don't know whether to laugh or rant! xx

  2. I bet your friend could write a book about his experiences.

    The accident involving the two women was shocking to see.

    Oh I think a rant is in order! It really makes a mockery of the Government's whole stance regarding illegal immigrants.

  3. It left me with a huge respect for police officers - we owe them a debt of gratitude for what they do on our behalf. I don't know how I'd remain sane if I did their job.

  4. I had the same thoughts, iota. They have an extremely difficult job and they have to cope with all sorts of situations and people.

    I was infuritated though to find out that police officers don't arrest illegal immigrants anymore because there are simply too many of them. This Government goes on and on about illegal immigrants and yet the police are told to just let them go.