Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Top ten online newspapers & other favourite news sources

I am a real news fiend and read a lot of news everyday. My favourite newspapers online are:
  1. The Times
  2. The Guardian
  3. The Independent
  4. The Telegraph
  5. International Herald Tribune
  6. The New York Times
  7. The Washington Post
  8. Star Tribune (Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota)
  9. Chicago Tribune
  10. USA Today

Other news sources I like to read regularly are:

Which websites do you like to get your news from?


  1. Good list of sites there. I'd say I check the Guardian/Independent/Times daily, Telegraph I'm actually liking more and more. I use the BBC a lot especially when I'm at work because it's one of the sites our network doesn't block! I am also increasingly using Google News.
    Other than that, the more occasional sites I check are the New Statesman and the Spectator.
    I also love Digital Spy (can't imagine why they block that at work!).

  2. Hello cb, I read the BBC website sometimes but not as much as I used to. I don't like the way they seem to be more and more biased for the Labour government and more and more anti-American.

    The New Statesman and The Spectator look very good. Thanks for sharing those!

    I forgot about Google News - I read it often too - it's good for gathering all the major headlines and of course providing the links to all the different stories.

    It's strange that Digital Spy is blocked by your network at work!

  3. Daily the BBC for the headlines and weather, then The Guardian and The Independent for a detailed read. If there's a major event then I'll look at others such as The Telegraph.
    I've not seen Habitat before which is one I will be bookmarking! xx

  4. Habitat is excellent - I learn a lot via that site. I'm sure you will become a regular reader of it like I am, flighty.

  5. I used to buy a copy of the Times without fail each morning and scan through it on my commute to work. I've now cut back on that to save on the pennies (the price has gone up from 60p to 65p to 70p and now an extortionate 80p!). I avoid the free London newspapers like the plague, however! Online, I tend to look at the BBC, TimesOnline, one or two IT-related sites, and also ABC (Spain) and Il Giornale (Italy) to keep my Spanish and Italian fresh. Luckily, I have an RSS reader on my smartphone so I can read the articles each morning on my way to work.

    However, I try not to spend too much time or go into too much depth when reading the news, unless it's something relevant to me personally. There's such a serious overload of news and information these days it can really get overwhelming if you're not careful.

  6. Daniel, I used to buy The Times everyday too but cut back like you because of the rising cost.

    I agree with you about the free London papers - there is very little real news in them so they are not worth reading.

    You're so right - there is a serious overload of news and information and it can become addictive to try and stay on top of all the news stories, not to mention impossible to read about everything.