Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lost in Austen: Episode 1

So did you watch part 1 of the new series, Lost in Austen on ITV last night? I thought it was an interesting concept: a modern-day woman named Amanda Price, obsessed with the novel Pride and Prejudice (her favourite book in the world) who stumbles upon the novel's heroine, Elizabeth Bennet, in her bathroom. Yes, you read that right and then when Elizabeth shows Amanda the secret door (in Amanda's bathroom of course) to Elizabeth's world, Amanda goes through but Elizabeth doesn't follow her and Amanda is trapped in Elizabeth's world, ie. inside the story of Pride and Prejudice. It's a unique twist on a traditional period-costume drama, and a ridiculous fantasy but full of charm. I couldn't help but smile and enjoy it even while I kept thinking how silly it all was! Mind you, I'm a big fan of the book, Pride and Prejudice (although not quite as obsessed as the character in the show!) so it's probably no surprise that I enjoyed it. Thoughts? Did you like it, hate it or just not bother to watch it? Lost in Austen - ITV drama Edited to add: I have posted a brief review of the fourth (and final) episode here.


  1. I loved it too. It was quite hilarious and enjoyable to see Amanda's character rub shoulder's with the Bennetts. I'm looking forward to future episodes. (Though I am a little fidgety as to what will happen after having watched the second episode).

  2. Hi Catherine, I love it because it is so hilarious and fun - although in episode two, I was getting a bit annoyed with the character, Amanda Price, and a bit worried about the storyline.

    I'm looking forward to the next episode!