Friday, September 12, 2008

Free cookbooks for all 11-year-olds in England

All 11-year-olds in England will be able to receive a free cookbook under a programme aimed at tackling obesity. Head teachers will be able to order the booklet, which has recipes for favourites such as spaghetti bolognese, roast chicken and jacket potatoes. Ministers are also announcing that £151m will be spent building food technology areas in schools. The initiatives are designed to pave the way for compulsory cooking lessons for all 11- to 14-year olds by 2011. (link via BBC News) The Real Meals cookbook, which contains 32 classic recipes and sauces and is endorsed by top chef Phil Vickery, was chosen after the public was asked to nominate the basic dishes every child should learn how to cook. Here is a list of the individual recipes contained in Real Meals. I think it's a good idea to encourage children to learn how to cook and providing free cookbooks is certainly a great way to start them on the path to learning! Hopefully, the cookery lessons will also help tackle the obesity problem in children. What do you think of the list of recipes in the cookbook? Which recipes would you recommend as the basic dishes that every child should know how to cook?


  1. Ah

    No sausage,mash and onion gravy

    Boo Hoo.

    mrs k

  2. I haven't looked yet but saw Mrs K's comment. I love sausage and mash so think that it's a poor show indeed that it's not been included! xx

  3. You're right - sausage and mash isn't on the list but another old favourite with kids is on the list - Spaghetti Bolognese.