Friday, September 26, 2008

Britain unveils ID cards for foreign nationals

The Labour government is determined to go ahead with their expensive and sinister plan for ID cards - and the database that goes with it: First sight of the ID cards that will soon be compulsory The Government was accused yesterday of cynically targeting immigrants to boost support for its controversial £4.7bn compulsory identity cards scheme as the Home Office unveiled the documents it plans will eventually be held by every adult in Britain. A coalition of opposition parties, trade unions and civil liberties campaigners condemned the symbolic release of the pink and blue cards, which will be introduced for foreign nationals living in Britain from next month. The plastic permits, containing the personal details, fingerprints and immigration status of foreign nationals, offer the first glimpse of what ID cards for British citizens will look like. Critics attacked the project as a dangerous waste of money that would undermine hundreds of years of civil rights and warned that targeting foreign residents could lead to discrimination and abuse. Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, said the scheme would protect against identity fraud, illegal working and cut organised crime and terrorism. (link via UK Border Agency - Identity cards for foreign nationals The Conservative Party - ID Cards - Labour's Bad IDea No2ID: Let's get this straight — it isn't just about identity cards. The government's identity scheme includes a huge database to keep tabs on everyone, a massive infrastructure to collect peoples' details, and a giant network of technology required to verify people against their cards and both of these against the database. The card is just the tip of the iceberg.

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