Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Birmingham (aka Brummie): least cool accent in Britain

Brummie accent voted least cool in Britain List of Cool Accents 2008/9 1. Queen's English 20% 2. Scottish 12% 3. Geordie 9% 4. Yorkshire 7% =. Cockney 7% 6. Northern Irish 6% 7. Welsh 5% 8. Scouse 4% = Mancunian 4% 10. West Country 3% 11. Brummie 2% (link via My husband and my sons have an English accent and it sounds very nice. I think so anyway! I don't really know what category it is. I guess it's a Hertfordshire accent. As well as the English accent (and all its variations), I love hearing the Welsh accent. I think it's lovely.


  1. I've always liked the Geordie accent! xx

  2. Hello there, sounds like your hubby and sons have the same accent I do - Herts! So where are you living there, I was in Chorleywood/Chenies, Rickmansworth, Watford and a bit of Bucks with Little Chalfont too!

  3. Hi Sarah, we live near Hertford.