Sunday, August 31, 2008

Supermarket 'for older people' may open in Britain

Tesco, which hopes to open the country's first pensioner-friendly store complete with wider shopping aisles and brighter lights, has sent a group over over-65s to the Kaiser supermarket in Berlin, the first of its kind in Germany. The group will report back to Tesco before a decision is made on the proposed 60,000sq ft store in Newcastle, next door to Newcastle University's Institute for Ageing and Health. Professor Jim Edwardson, 67, founder of the Institute and one of those who travelled to Germany, said: "Almost everything about supermarket shopping in the UK is wrong for elderly customers, from shelving that is too high to reach or too low to get to. (link via This is great news! It's about time that supermarket owners realize that many of their customers are older and should be catered to. In fact, all supermarkets should be re-designed and/or modified to be 'pensioner-friendly' and meet the needs of pensioners* and indeed all their customers, regardless of their age. It would make shopping eaier for everyone not just the elderly! *a pensioner is a person who has retired, and now collects a pension Tesco is one of the world's leading international retailers


  1. I wish they would! I usually ask staff to get any items at floor level.
    I find shopping in them anything but a pleasant experience. If it was I'd stroll round and probably buy more. As it is I'm in and out as quick as possible. xx

  2. I have a problem with items that are placed too high up (I'm only 5'3" tall) and have to ask staff to reach for those items.

    I agree with you - shopping in supermarkets is not pleasant at all and I try to get what I need and leave quickly rather than stay longer than is necessary.

  3. Me, I use the internet to shop - Tesco's actually and have been doing so for the past five years.

    This means I then only actually shop for fresh fruit,vegetables, fish and meat.

    Everything else is delivered right onto the kitchen tops. Yippee for internet shopping.

    As I am unable to walk far its bliss.

    mrs K

  4. Mrs K, I think internet shopping is wonderful and I use it for buying just about everything apart from groceries since I prefer to choose my own food. I can see how it's a great service for some people especially for those with disabilities or who find it difficult to walk far like you do.

    Internet shopping might seem like an ideal solution for elderly customers too so they could avoid the hassle of supermarkets however most elderly people are not on the internet and even if they were, there is a charge for delivery and a lot of people (especially the elderly on a limited income) are trying to save money. Also, it would be a shame if the elderly felt obliged to stay home rather than go out in person for their food. I think for a lot of elderly people, it's an outing and a way to get out and meet people.