Sunday, August 3, 2008

New (and improved?) Delicious

The bookmarking tool formerly known as but now using the simple url, have also completely changed their whole look and format. I don't think it's an improvement at all, in fact I think the new and improved Delicious, is awful. I am trying to get used to it but using it is such a chore now whereas before it was easy and straightforward. Now, it's hard to read and difficult to navigate. Because of all the changes at Delicious, I've started posting my favourite bookmarks with a different bookmarking tool, Furl. It's easy to use, easy to read and easy to share - like delicious used to be. Which free bookmarking tool do you use? If you use Delicious, what do you think of the new version? Do you think it's better? Also, have you noticed that whenever something is touted as "new and improved" that it's almost always not?


  1. I just make do with my Firefox tabbed folders.
    I know someone who uses Furl and really likes it.
    You're right about 'new and improved' almost always not being so! I prefer evolution to revolution which always seems to end up a step too far! xx

  2. I have a feeling Furl is going to become more and more popular now since Delicious made their changes!

    I dread seeing the words 'new and improved' now because it almost always means I won't like it.