Monday, August 18, 2008

Inspired by British cycling winners?

After the success of the British cyclists in the Olympic Games, has it encouraged you to start bike riding? The Independent has provided a useful list of The 50 Best Bicycles Sustrans (co-ordinators of over 12,000 miles of national cycle routes around the UK) is offering you a free information pack to help you get out and about by bike. I would feel inspired to get my bike out more - if it would just stop raining so much! This summer has been nearly as bad as last summer, weather-wise. And this news is hardly encouraging: Britain is set for its wettest August for nearly 100 years (link via


  1. I used to love cycling but dodgy knees ended my pedalling days sadly! xx

  2. I'm sorry you have knee troubles, flighty. I should think that your allotment is probably just enough of a work-out for you.