Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Prince Charles warns of GM catastrophe

I'm certainly not a royalist or monarchist, but I do agree wholeheartedly with Prince Charles' views about GM crops: Prince Charles has warned that the adoption of genetic modification in farming has set the world on course for "the biggest disaster, environmentally, of all time". (link via A lot of scientists are worried and don't think genetic modification of crops is the solution to the world's food shortage. In fact, a major new study shows that modified soya produces 10 per cent less food than its conventional equivalent undermining repeated claims that a switch to the controversial technology is needed to solve the growing world food crisis. (link via I think planting GM crops are more likely to lead to a major disaster because GM crops cannot be contained so other crops will be contaminated. My belief is that once Pandora's box is opened, it will be impossible to maintain nature as it should be. Once the damage is done to our environment, what then? THE CASE AGAINST GM CROPS


  1. I'm with you, and Prince Charles, on this one. xx

  2. Hi flighty - I'm glad you agree. Unfortunately, big companies like Monsanto (the biggest seller of genetically modified crop seeds in the world) have a lot of power and are succeeding in promoting more and more GM crops. I don't know how organic farming methods will be able to continue with the onslaught.