Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rise in knife crime in Britain

The big talking point in the UK lately is the surge in fatal knife attacks, particularly in England, and how knife crime is going to be dealt with. The latest news report is that the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, has said that, Members of the public should intervene if they see a crime being committed. (link via Is she serious?! Somehow, I don't think members of the public appreciate this latest suggestion, which seems very foolhardy and risky, especially following this recent report: A police officer was kicked, beaten and bitten when he was attacked by a gang of schoolchildren, some wearing uniform, when he asked a girl to pick up litter she had dropped. (link via If the police are getting attacked by schoolchildren, what hope does a member of the public have? The Government keeps coming up with crazy and desperate ideas about how to deal with knife crime such as the suggestion to shame the criminals by marching them to casualty units to confront their stab victims. Yeah, right - as if being attacked isn't bad enough, you might be confronted by your attacker in the hospital too! The public reaction was swift and furious at the very idea and after outrage among doctors, patients, crime experts and MPs, the government tried to backtrack and claim they never suggested it, even though Home Secretary Jacqui Smith had been heard voicing the idea in broadcast interviews.


  1. Typical! It doesn't help that there are thousands of CSO's (Community Support Officers) doing street patrols who don't have powers to do stop and searches.
    'Real' police have far too much paperwork to deal with even with on the most trivial offences so often don't respond or attend many calls making a mockery of so called law and order much of the time.
    I despair at times! xx

  2. Oh, don't get me started on the subject of PCSO's - they are just police on the cheap and as you say, they don't have any real power which the criminals know too. Instead of CCTV everywhere, why don't we have more (real) police walking and driving around. Their physical presence would be a good start to preventing some of the escalating crime in this country.