Thursday, June 5, 2008

London: unexploded World War II bomb disrupts travel

(link via It amazes me that bombs from World War II are still being found! I should think construction crews are always a bit leery when they start work, since that's when these unexploded bombs are usually discovered. The army disposal experts from the Royal Engineers working to defuse the bomb must have nerves of steel: Police said that at one point during the operation the bomb began to tick, but stopped again when it was doused with liquid. "This is the largest world war two bomb to be discovered in the past three decades. It measures approximately the size and length of a man, and weighs around 1,000kg."


  1. Rather them than me, especially when it started ticking again! xx

  2. No kidding! I can't imagine anyone wanting to do that kind of work, but thankfully there are (very brave!) people who do.