Sunday, June 29, 2008

FBI to see internet and credit card use of UK citizens

It seemed bad enough to be told that, British visitors to the United States will have to register their trip with the American government 72 hours before they leave under new plans. (link via But now we find out that, The EU is close to finalising an agreement with the US that would allow the FBI to see the internet browsing habits and credit card histories of UK citizens. (link via Charming! As if there isn't enough surveillance of everyone in the UK already (by the British government) now the FBI in the USA will be allowed to watch us too! This is supposed to make America more secure but it's at the expense of the civil rights of everyone in the UK. I wonder, does it go both ways? The article states that:
However, the prospect of an agreement between Brussels and Washington that will lower barriers to swapping previously private data, including travel history and spending patterns will alarm civil rights advocates.
Does "swapping" mean that the EU will get to demand the same information from American citizens? Somehow, I don't think so. I also wonder if this deal goes through, does it apply to all of Europe or just the UK?


  1. The USA would be up in arms if it was us, or the EU, demanding such information from them.
    Every time I read something like this it's a further loss of privacy for me and democracy, such as it now is, for this country.
    I wonder what next, and know that far from making the world a safer place for me it actually does just the opposite. xx

  2. I agree with you, flighty. I'm sure it isn't an equal "swap" because the USA wouldn't allow it. As you say, the USA would be up in arms if this information was demanded from them.