Friday, May 23, 2008

RSPB podcast and BBC Springwatch

Did you know that the RSPB (The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) produces a monthly podcast called Nature's Voice about their work to protect birds and the environment, both in the UK and around the world. The latest episode is, "Birds of prey - the good news, Bill Oddie and the Loch Garten ospreys" and it reminded me that this year's Springwatch is about to start on TV - it's scheduled to start Monday, 26th May, 8PM BBC2. I don't usually watch the BBC much but Springwatch is a series that I always look forward to and enjoy watching. The nature show is entertaining as well as educational and the friendly banter between the presenters, Bill Oddie, Kate Humble and Simon King helps to make it even more delightful. If you've never watched it, I highly recommend it.


  1. I shall listen to that podcast over the weekend.
    Like you I shall be watching Springwatch which I always enjoy.
    By the way I've added this blog to my Lawn Loungers listing, and will also give it, and Hunkydory Links, a mention in a forthcoming entry.
    Have a good weekend! xx

  2. Hi flighty, I hope you have a good weekend too. Enjoy the podcast. Springwatch is great isn't it - it's a nice way to end the day.

    Thanks for adding this blog to your blogroll and for planning to mention it (and my other blog) in a post. I appreciate it.