Thursday, May 15, 2008

Overrated or Underrated?

Simon Cowell The BBC Angelina Jolie Victoria Beckham Second Life Gordon Ramsay American Idol Heroes House Stephen Fry Pushing Daisies Madonna British soap operas The TV licence Botox What do you think? Overrated or underrated?


  1. I'm a bit concerned because I think every one of them, without fail, is overrated.

    Except for the BBC. The World Service and Radio 4 podcasts are brilliant!

  2. Hi John, We think alike (almost).

    I do however think that the witty and talented Stephen Fry is underrated. I don't think he's as appreciated by the British public as much as he should be.

    I also think the TV licence is very overrated - and it follows that I think the BBC is overrated. (The BBC is good but it has its faults such as biased news reports).