Monday, May 12, 2008

The hottest May since 1772

We've had the most glorious weather for more than a week now - lots of sunshine and very warm. I knew it was unusually warm (quite hot, actually!) for this time of year but it's incredible to learn that, The average temperature from May 1 to 10 was the highest ever noted since meteorologists first started gathering precise daily data in 1772. It's been wonderful to have so many sunny days and summer weather so early in the year but I hope it's not a sign of a long, hot summer ahead of us. The majority of British homes (including ours) are not air-conditioned. It's just not necessary in a country where it rarely gets very hot. Usually, about the time that I think I can't tolerate the hot weather, it changes. If our summer this year, is hot and wet we may be in for a new kind of misery in England - the dreaded midges that have been the scourge of the Scottish Highlands are spreading to the rest of Britain. That really could be a serious problem because British homes don't have screens on the windows or doors! (links via


  1. Wasn't it lovely? Wish it would come back!

    Hello from a fellow expat in Hertfordshire!

  2. Hello Rachel (American mum), I wish that warm weather would come back too. Hopefully, we will have more like it soon and that wasn't our summer!