Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gardening in England

I'm a keen gardener so one of the best things about living in England is that I can garden year round due to the temperate climate. I'm from Minnesota where it snows every winter and the growing season is ridiculously short. It's known for its temperature extremes - very cold winters and very hot summers. England on the other hand is known for its temperate climate - so it rarely gets very hot or very cold. It's wonderful and especially for anyone who loves gardening! England is famous for all its beautiful gardens. Britain In Bloom is a popular environmental campaign, with the nation's cities, towns and villages competing to win recognition and awards. There are other smaller gardening competitons too. Our small town is getting involved in one for the first tme this year, with plenty of different competition categories:

Best small, medium and large front garden. Best school gardening project or community project. Best Commercial Premises display & Shop Window display. Best Public House floral display or pub garden. Best public open space Best Hidden Garden

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