Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bread is bad for birds (especially their chicks)

I'm passionate about birds and I'm a keen birdwatcher and take great delight in attracting a variety of different birds to my backgarden by keeping birdfeeders and birdbaths filled all year round. I also put out raisins (the blackbirds love them!)and leftover scraps of food such as grated cheese, cake crumbs and bits of bread crusts sometimes but the latest advice from experts states that: Bread should be banned as a bird food because it is so unhealthy and damages chicks’ chances of surviving to adulthood. (link via I don't think it's bad to put a bit of bread out at other times of the year but it makes sense not to put bread out when there are hungry chicks being fed. What leftovers can you feed to the birds? Here's a list from the RSPB: Other treats that can replace bread and provide birds with a variety of vital nutrients include grated cheese, cooked rice, uncooked porridge oats, breakfast cereal, softened or leftover jacket potatoes, frozen vegetables, biscuit crumbs and pastry. The RSPB: Don't use your loaf!

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