Tuesday, May 20, 2008

American blogger's campaign on behalf of a Yemeni journalist

After reading the International Herald Tribune article, A living-room crusade via blogging, about how Jane Novak, an American who has never been to Yemen, fights for a Yemeni journalist on trial for sedition, I was so impressed that I went straight to her blog, Armies of Liberation to read more about this amazing woman and her campaign. Then I signed her letter/petition (via the link from her blog) to Protect Media Freedom in Yemen. Please encourage your friends and family to send letters as well.


  1. Thanks Maureen, we can save him, but if we dont, he will die a hero for democracy, and his kids will know that their father was an inspiration to us all. He's a great man. I've known him for several years. I'm honored by his friendship. Its like knowing George Washington or Churchhill. The people around the world who join are the ones that show that freedom will prevail.

  2. Hello Jane! I sincerely hope that all the publicity garnered by you and your campaign, as well as the help of bloggers the world over, will be able to save him. The blogosphere is very powerful and it's heartening that it can be used in a positive way for such a worthy campaign.